Thursday, March 6, 2008

Flasher girl, (pg 13)

You know what sucks? Illness. Illness freakin' blows. I'd been successfully fending off the cornicopia of deseases galavanting through my workplace but, alas, 'twas all in vain. I finally succumbed. After a spirited and gallant battle, my immune system finally triumphed. To celebrate, I thought I'd draw a girl in her undies. This is actually for a thread over at the Drawing Board... flasher girls, how could I resist? Pencil on bristol, as usual until I get off my duffer and pony up for a Wacom tablet. The tricky part was that the piece was too big for my scanner. I had to scan her in 2 halves and put her together in photo, a learning experience for sure as I am a rank noob with alot of this stuff. I already see areas I'd fix, ( right hand more prominant, boobs too round, neck a bit long, no unifying shape to jacket...), but I also see a smattering of improvment, which is the point of this here blog, yah?

While I was afflicted I mostly watched movies I'd already seen a few times, ( Three Extremes 2, Pirates Dead Man's Chest, The Host...) but I did catch 28 Weeks Later, a very decent sequel that felt reminicent of the 2nd Resident Evil movie... except less comedic... and with less hot chicks. I also saw 30 Days Of Night, not at all the worst comic to movie adaption I've seen. Visually yummy, bloody as all hell, the faithful-to-the-comic bits are... well... faithful. The embellishment bits actually work pretty well, some of it feels a tad thin on atmosphere/character, but thats really just nit-picky considering it's a vampire movie. Plus, a little girl vampire gets her head chopped off with an axe, can't beat that.

If you haven't already,( and if you read comics at all...) you need to read Kick Ass by Mark Millar and the freakin' amazing John Romita Jr. It's about a kid who becomes a costumed superhero... what's the hook you say? Well if J.R.Jr. ain't enough, (though it probably should be,) it's the fact that our hero has no powers and no decernable aptitude for this vocation save the geek loving desire to be a superhero. Not to give too much away, but let's just say he's less on the "giving" end of these ass-kickings. It's the life that Romita Jr. breaths into this world and these characters that is the real draw, it's Romita Jr. that is actually doing the ass kicking.

It's about that time I start looking to the summer movie season season with a hungry, eager eye for cinematic fare. Umm.. I'm a little worried there are only a couple I really wanna see, it makes me sad a little, like when I watch the end of Lilo and Stitch... what?