Friday, January 25, 2008

Ok, not so easy

No, seriously, I did think this was gonna be easier. My hats off to all those people who can post at least once a week, for real. And I have been drawing, just not anything post worthy. Gripe portion finished. This a sketch of the murder moppet Henrietta from the anime "Gunslinger Girl". Shades of Luc Besson's "The Professional", GG is about a quintet of pint size assassins employed by the innocuosly named Social Welfare Angency. Terminal, pre-adolescent girls are recruited, given cybernetic implants, and conditioned into efficient killing machines under the tutelage of a handler. Aside from a premise that is just plain awesome, GG sports some excellent visual style, amazing italian locals, well crafted music, and some genuinely interesting, sometimes poinant, interaction between each handler and his charge. Check it out if you haven't, also if you have not seen "The Professional", shame on you. Soooooooo, I saw the "Cloverfield" movie. Took me 2 full days to figure out that I liked it. Ambitious premise pays off to riveting effect, too bad the stars are so unlikable that I was wishing that they would somehow be doused with honey mustard sauce, fall on some cocktail toothpicks, and land on an hors devours tray. That coupled with excessive suspension of disbelief it took to concede that the party-camera-friend-guy was gonna run around during a horrifying unnatural disaster with a camera in constant POV and just happen to capture a cohesive narrative almost ruined it for me. In the end, while overshadowed by the ridiculous hype, the good outweighed the bad for me. Oh, and in an unrelated subject, Dentists are the devil.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Easy Breezy

It's funny, this weekend I set aside time specifically to draw, no easy task with my football team in the playoffs (Chargers), a dirty apartment staring me in the face, some Saturday family duties with the girlfiend, and a refridgerator that can only be described as lacking. The drawing did, however, occur. I even had a subject, I laid it out, roughed in the specifics, but it just wasn't happening. I pushed through, sketching and resketching, using different angles and expressions, but I came to the conclusion that it was a no go. The subject, if you're curious, was a scene from the new movie "The Orphanage" (El Orfanato). If you're a fan of horror movies, foriegn films, or have any taste at all, you'll treat yourself to this gem. Anyhoo, Monday night I changed subjects, the results you see here, it came off pretty easy, I had fun doin' it, I learned a bit from it, and I see where I can improve, which, I guess, is the point of this little venture. Hopefully, I'll revisit the orphanage picture, if so I'll certainly post it here.

You'll notice I get a bit spikey when I talk about movies (or anime). Thats because I am a "movie whore". I love movies, old ones, foriegn ones, indie ones, blockbuster ones, cheesy ones, scary ones, funny ones... You get the idea. I figure this blog may be a bit uninteresting if is filled with my artistic musings, or the ponderously dull events of my life, so every once in a while I may squeeze in some movie related morsel. Dine at your leasure.

Just to get back to the picture, it is of course Power Girl. I don't actually read the comic, nor am I particularly familiar with her, I just thought she was an interesting subjuct. Not simply because she has big boobies. Just good 'ol pencil on sketch pad, thus the janky quality of the scan. Enjoy, hope to post again soon. Go see "The Orphanage".