Sunday, August 10, 2008


Weak, lame, feeble. Lotsa stuff goin' on but nothing so involving that I couldn't taken 10 minutes out to update the blog. So, really, I'm just lame-acious, lame-ific, and weaksauce. Not gonna get too into it but... sick, art project (fell through, but still on backburner), hawaii vacation, sick (again, what'd I say about being weak?), San Diego comic con (which was freakin' awesome), and training for work. Did I mention "just plain lazy"? Anyhoo, here's a sorta quickie for the drawing board Diana Rigg thread. I didn't spend too much time on it as, if I overthink a project my OCD kicks in and it never gets done. So the new goal is to find the pleasure in drawing and not the pressure. That, by the way, is your deep thought for the week.

Movies, saw many, but not enuff (I tend to say that alot). Standouts are Iron Man (could that have been much better? a bit, but not much), Penelope (I know, it's a romcom, but its a fantasy romcom, and Christina Ricci owns that role), Hellboy 2 (the astonishing Guillermo Del Toro drunk on his own imagination to dizzying effect), and... well... see I haven"t seen alot a movies. Hulk, Wanted, Indiana Jones, that Batman movie I've heard something about. I really need to get on the ball, there needs to be more hours in the day. Did I mention my car got stolen? Much to my girlfriend's chagrin it came back. Still no excuse, I don't need my car to pick up a pad and pencil. Actually, I have been drawing, just nothing post worthy. I know, I know, I should post anything just so's I'm continuing to do it. Ya know, when you're right, you're right. I'm glad we've had this chat.