Sunday, December 30, 2007

Now we're cookin'

Why am I still up, it's 2:18am for cryin' out loud. The dopey thing is that this started as an attempt for me to post on the Drawing Board. You can't post images directly from your computer, now here I am with my own little blog! Umm... this is a sketch from a photo I found on , have a look if you've never seen it. The freckles and the eyes are what drew me to the picture, was a fun draw, went pretty quick. I hope I can get some more stuff up soon...


John said...

You should draw more!!
I really like your sketches. I'm the same as you though whaen it comes to drawing. I don't do it enough! I'm a project manager by day and a very busy Father at night and it's been this way most of my adult life hahahah but I try to at least get away to my drawing table at least once in a while. My biggest problem is staying motivated with one piece of art. hahaha
I'll be visiting here more often keep it going....I'm going to link this site if it's ok with you?


M. Drummond said...

hey that's pretty great. Thanks for mentioning FFFOUND! Looks really useful for artists.