Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Time for Witches

I like Halloween for many warm and fuzzy reasons. Candy corn, Halloweentime at Disneyland, scary movies on tv, and chicks in tartish costumes chief among them. While I indulge my taste for horror fare year round, something about a good scare flick or freaky book or comic during October... I guess it just tastes better.
The lovely lady above is a harlot... Actually the Harlot, from the comic Fall Of Cthulhu. The Harlot resides in the Dreamlands, is privy to all of man's secrets, and likes to keep people in small boxes... for, like, ever... she has lots of them. Pretty much anyone who finds her in the Dreamlands is welcome to partake of either one of her boxes or one of her secrets, the latter will cost you... maybe a foot... maybe the memory of your dead wife? As far as H. P. Lovecraft inspired fare goes, Fall Of Cthulhu is not so bad. The art can be pretty mediocre in places, and the story does not maintain the gravity of its mythic characters at times, but there are many bright spots and interesting concepts. Actually, comics is being very generous to the Lovecraft fans, (In the interest of full disclosure, it should be known that my Lovecraft fan level could be accurately described as "rabid"). Boom studios has Fall Of Cthulhu, Cthulhu Tales, and Necronomicon, and Marvel Max has a Richard Corben(!) Haunt Of Horror.
I digress, the Harlot picture features her in a Snow White inspired dress, kind of a gushing pose, with unfortunate fellow in a box and the ubiquitous tentacle in the background. I thought I was gonna post it yesterday but the skirt portion was bugging me, so I reworked it. My gf has expressed every intention of stealing it from me.
Movies, I have been somewhat unimpressed by this summer's offerings, Hollywood, please do better. Very little of my meager income has gone to dvds of movies released this year. Offhand, I can only cite The Orphanage, Cloverfield, Iron Man (the Target exclusive 2 disc with mark2 helmet case, Huzzah!), annnd... I think that might be it. Sigh.
Been watching Terminator, The Sarah Conners Chronicles... mixed bag really, but I really like Summer Glau as a terminator, and Lena Headey from 300, so I will keep watching for now. New season of Pushing Daisies is on, do yourself a favor and watch it while you can, it genuinely qualifies as "too good to last".
Oh Geez, go to and watch Dr Horrble's Sing-Along Blog, it may change your life*.
I have every intention of posting more, really. And watching many horror movies this month. And eating too much candy corn.
*Life change directly proportional to level of Whedon/Fillion/NPH fandom you possess.

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