Monday, September 6, 2010


Wait, what was I doing again?

One of the most intimidating things anyone has ever told me occurred on the website "The Drawing Board". I had posted a picture that was getting positive feedback and my reply to some of the comments included an off handed remark along the lines "yeah, I don't really draw on a consistent basis," which, as I think about it, is kinda arrogant, (I draw well enough for you to admire my my work and I don't even work at it, how cool am I?). Someone replied "imagine how good you'd be if you drew all the time". I thought Huh.

Imagine how good I'd be if I was genuinely passionate about drawing? Imagine if I stopped making excuses, got off my ass, applied myself, stopped being apprehensive, stopped procrastinating, stopped settling, over-thinking, stepped up, focused, took action, took control... Imagine if I didn't waste my ability. Imagine if I actually did something with it. Imagine...

You'll notice the picture is dated. That isn't the last time I drew anything, or the last time I drew anything worth posting. That's just about how long the picture has been uploaded to this unfinished post, this un-started post. Sure, stuff has happened, stuff has gotten in the way, big stuff. But truthfully, I let it get in the way.


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Anonymous said...

Don't know why you stopped writing, but your soliloquies are greatly missed, not to mention your beautiful art.